Márton Nemes


Exhibited at the Ludwig Museum, Hungary, 2021


Márton Nemes is a multimedia artist who creates paintings, sculptural objects, and installations that appear vibrant, fluorescent, and reflective all at once. Referencing techno and rave subcultures, he uses colour, light, sound, and space to immersive effect, and is always eager to innovate with new materials and production methods to create multisensory, diverse experiences.


Central to Nemes’ work is his background in industrial design and an ever-shifting, transient environment upon which he built the foundation for his highly innovative practice. Prior to moving to New York where he currently lives and works, the artist immersed himself in a mix of subcultures in the city of London. He became deeply inspired by the energy and experience of rave culture, which manifests in his sculptural paintings and site-specific installations as a contemporary form of escapism and social alienation. By employing a mix of techniques such as PVC coating and laser-cutting, and materials such as metal wires and cargo straps, Nemes disintegrates and rearranges our pictorial experience by piecing together layers of steel, acrylic, and mirror. Ultimately his work creates an exit from the ordinary: not only do they appear to transcend space and time, but they also allow us to revel in the spirit of our times.


Márton Nemes (b.1986, Hungary) lives and works in New York, USA. He studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, later completing his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Chelsea College of Arts, London in 2018. Nemes will represent Hungary at the 60th Venice Biennale in 2024, and was previously the Artist-in-Residence of BuBu Artist Residency Program with Buffalo Arts Studio in New York, USA in 2019; at Westport Arts Centre, Westport, USA in 2015; and at Salzburg, Austria in 2014. He has held previous solo exhibitions at acb Gallery, Budapest; Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest; Annka Kultys Gallery, Mexico City; and Elijah Wheat Showroom, New York. Selected group exhibitions include MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen; Ludwig Museum, Budapest; and Art Week Dubai, UAE. His works can be found in numerous private and institutional collections, including Ludwig Museum and the Hungarian National Bank.

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