48 Artists to Join The Immigrant Artist Biennial 2023

Double Q Gallery is delighted to share that Maria Kulikovska will be participating in The Immigrant Artist Biennial 2023, which will run from September this year through January 2024.


The artist-run biennial, which centres the work and experiences of immigrant and exiled artists, will present 48 artists across 7 institutions in New York and New Jersey. Venues include EFA Project Space, Artists Alliance, and Brooklyn Museum.

The show's overarching titular theme, Contact Zone, references the term coined by American cultural theorist Mary Louise Pratt to describe the spaces where cultures clash and merge.


'It also encapsulates our attempt to find an organisational concept for artistic infrastructures that are diasporic in form and not only content—that can deal with effects of situations such as exile, alienation, or simply the elusive concept of home,' said Katherine Adams, one of three co-curators leading this year's biennial.


Four Ukrainian artists will be presenting work, including immigrant diaspora artists Slinko, Kathie Halfin, and Maya Hayuk, and transient artist in exile Maria Kulikovska who fled occupied Ukraine in 2022.


Fellow curator Bianca Abdi-Boragi added that through the Contact Zone theme, the outcome is the product of the participants and 'how they relate to and dialogue with each other.'

September 5, 2023