Is Hong Kong's Art Scene Bouncing Back Against the Odds?

Sarah Wei, Ocula, June 6, 2022

From the term 'ghost booth' to false statements about flight availability in and out of the city, coverage at times exaggerates Hong Kong's challenges while underselling its energy and ingenuity.


International commercial galleries are also continuing to come to Hong Kong with Budapest's Double Q and New York's Denny Dimin Gallery both opening in early 2022. Meanwhile, Art Basel veterans Rossi & Rossi moved to a larger space in the city. The opening of M+ in 2021 signalled that Hong Kong will remain a major art destination in the region over the long term, and the city's institutional pull will only strengthen when the Hong Kong Palace Museum opens later this year.


While the art eco-system in Hong Kong is adjusting to a new normal, it remains a city to which artists, collectors, and dealers are committed; and there is a prevailing sense that once borders open, there will be no stopping the city.